All Involved in the Future of Water,

The cornerstone of progress in addressing Africa’s complex water challenges has always been research, academia, and rigorous scientific inquiry. As the IAHR Africa Water Congress makes its awaited return after 2002, UM6P Morocco is privileged to be at the epicenter of this scientific reawakening. This congress is more than a meeting point; it’s a fusion of inquisitive minds, rigorous methodologies, and a deep commitment to academic excellence, seeking tangible solutions for real-world water challenges.

UM6P’s ethos, rooted in academic rigor and the pursuit of knowledge, resonates with the foundational goals of IAHR. When the brightest academic minds—hydrologists, technologists, agronomists, and policy researchers—converge, we are not just sharing findings; we are crafting the very fabric of Africa’s water narrative for the future.

In the sanctity of this academic congress, our aim is singular: to approach each challenge with evidence-backed research, and to extend our discussions from theoretical frameworks to actionable, impactful solutions. Here, we won’t merely reflect on the present state of water but contribute actively to shaping its future through research and collective wisdom.

In pursuit of knowledge and progress,

Dr. Chehbouni Abdelghani

Co-Chairperson, IAHR Africa Congress 2024