The Mohamed VI green city of Benguerir & UM6P

Launched in 2009 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, as part of OCP Group’s major urban development projects, the Green City aims to establish itself as a world-class university center with the vocation of offering an attractive and ecologically exemplary living environment around a knowledge ecosystem. The City is positioning itself as a new city, with both local and national dimensions.
At the local level, due to its scope, its consistency, its volume of investment, its attractiveness and its duration, the project has a remarkable urban, economic and social impact on the neighboring town of Benguerir.
Given the design and ambition attached to the UM6P, the heart of the new city, this project also has a national dimension because the UM6P is called upon to play a major role in the success of the emergence industrial sector of the kingdom, through its contribution in terms of training, research and innovation.

The Green City Mohammed VI is part of a LEED ND environmental certification process. The societal and environmental exemplarity of the Green City is pursued at all stages of development:
  • Urban planning bias:
    Adaptation of the urban grid to the natural conditions of sunshine and circulation of the prevailing winds, specific landscape design and plant policy, polycentric Green Belt, management of densities optimizing movements in relation to the locations of equipment, urban grid between pedestrian routes, modes of soft transport, bioclimatic architecture.
  • Infrastructure design:
    Photovoltaic panels, high-efficiency HVAC equipment optimizing energy efficiency, wastewater treatment plant, separate network (drinking water, gray water), retention and treatment of rainwater, reuse of recycled wastewater for irrigation.
  • Management of urban services:
    Separate sorting, collection, reuse and recycling of waste, optimization of urban mobility, compact and equipped districts.