Given water challenges that the African continent is facing
the suggested Main Theme of the 2024 IAHR Africa Congress is:


Themes and Sub-themes:

Climate change-induced droughts and floods

  1. Monitoring and warning systems 
  2. Risk assessment 
  3. Resilience capacities 

River basins management

  1. Hydrometry and database development
  2. Hydrology and hydraulic modelling
  3. Best practices for transboundary river basins management

Hydraulic structures

  1. Hydraulic structures design and safety
  2. Hydropower for sustainable energy
  3. Nature based solutions 

Urban water and wastewater

  1. Water supply systems
  2. Sewage systems, recycling and reuse
  3. Desalination and water treatment

Groundwater hydraulics and Management 

  1. Flow and quality monitoring and modelling
  2. Groundwater recharge
  3. Coastal aquifer management 

Lakes, estuaries and coasts 

  1. Lake management 
  2. Coastal engineering 
  3. Estuaries and wetlands ecology 

Hydroinformatics for smart water management

  1. Modeling tools  
  2. Artificial Intelligence applications 
  3. Remote sensing and IoT for water data exchange

Water governance :

  1. Sustainable Development Goals 
  2. Institutional water management
  3. Water policies at national and territorial levels
  4. Financing of water supply and wastewater treatment and reuse
  5. Data availability, access and decision support systems.